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Who are we?  We are a family-owned, family-run boutique located in a historic building in historic downtown New Bern, North Carolina, carrying our own brand of custom clothing for men and women, as well as a selection of curated items from small producers all over the world.

As Tom Lehrer said, "Well, you ask a silly question, you get a silly answer."

Why are we doing this?  Well, if you want to look good - and you do - you have to wear clothes that fit.  Everyone looks better in clothing made for them.  You might think that oversized clothes covers your flaws or super-tight clothes don't make you look like a sausage escaping from its casing, but find a friend who cares and you'll learn the truth.  Even if your figure is flawless (and I hate you), the world won't know without clothing designed to fit.

Fit is king, but we have to talk fabric.  I can't choose whether or not to have a 30" waist (oh yeah, diet and exercise, but shut up) but I can choose my personal style.  So when you make an appointment at Wit, we share with you all the options from different fabric materials, to contrasting fabrics, to options for lapels, buttons, thread, and cut.  We will make a shirt that fits your body and your mind.